Welcome to Tactical Analytic & Intelligence Group

TAIG is a comprehensive solution provider that provides tailor-made technology platforms to streamline complex business intelligence and analytic functions and target-centric workflows.  These solutions enable organizations to realize, leverage, react and capitalize on a myriad of disparate data.  TAIG's professionals and their proprietary techniques and tools seamlessly link front-line workers and executives by turning all available information into an asset rather than an obstacle, empowering rapid, critical decision making through Tactical Analytic Intelligence®.

About TAIG

TAIG developed Tactical Analytic Intelligence as a means to ensure that our customer's applications work together to meet their business needs. What our customers discovered was TAI transformed their core business processes allowing them to leverage information in a way that previously the company was not able to achieve.

TAI integrates and leverages a wide array of proven national security and intelligence tools and capabilities and customizes them for any target-centric business problem. TAI allows organizations to rapidly process very large sources of disparate data rapidly to manage risks and assess threats in real time thanks to our world class "Ground Truth™ visualization platform". From a system's conception to its completion, TAI empowers users to make smarter decisions, faster and avoid crises rather than react to them.

TAI® Defined

Data Fusion

TAI leverages technology to combine data from multiple sources with the intention of inferring potentially more accurate information.

Complex Event Processing

TAI leverages technology to detect and analyze the cause-and-effect relationships of the many events happening in all layers of an organization.

Information Management

TAI leverages technology to collect and manage information. TAI maximizes a system's efficiency to collect, store, retrieve, analyze, communicate, and use all information.

Real Time Analytics and Visualization

TAI leverages technology to allow the entire spectrum of user access to up-to-the-minute information to make critical decisions in real time.

TAI® Solution Areas

Insurance Fraud

TAI is a "silver bullet" that brings a wide array of cutting edge tools together to provide insurance companies with a clear view of all relevant data, identifying threats and fraudulent activity in real time.

Cyber Security Analysis

TAI can be your company's Cyber Security solution and stop criminal activities on your network before they take place.

Other TAI® Applications

Portfolio Management, Source Code, others.

the fusing, processing, managing, and visualizing
an organization’s most valuable asset… information.

TAI® Delivers

TAI enables your entire spectrum of users...


..to exploit your information by automating complex analytic business processes, providing information discovery quickly and efficiently, managing and targeting potential threats, risks, or bottlenecks, adapting through predictive modeling and discovering past and emerging patterns and visualizing key performance indicators and targets in real-time through intuitive dashboards.